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Living Dead Girl


Did you have anything to do with this, other than what I already know you did?” she asked.

What do you mean?”

You were very adamant about stalling me when I wanted to get into Jensine’s house. Why?”

I didn’t want you going in there. It was too dangerous.”

Did you know the house was going to blow up? Is that why you held me back?”

From Roman’s expression, she knew he finally understood what she meant. “I had nothing to do with Jensine’s death.” His voice got louder. “I cannot believe you would think that I—”

Why wouldn’t I?” she cut him off, matching his volume and tone. “You’re the one who reported her to The Great Order authorities. I told you she didn’t even know of the Clandestine World, only me, and to keep that between us. You took it to the world. It was my personal business, between a friend and me. It had nothing to do with you. You had no right.”

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