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I’m petrified,” Jensine said to Hunter mentally, so those in the front seat of the car couldn’t hear her.

It’ll be fine,” Hunter said, resting his hand on her arm.

For the sake of selling the story, Jensine was in Valencia’s usual limo with Hunter next to her inside and Jonathan was driving. The real Valencia had altered her appearance so she could be there and perform things Jensine couldn’t, just in case she needed to display power.

Valencia sported a men’s black T-shirt and a pair of baggy, ripped men’s jeans. For the first time ever, for most of them, they saw her in military boots instead of heels. To top it off she’d also magically altered her hair to be long, straight, and blond.

What if I can’t pull this off? It’s not like I’ve spent a ton of time with the crazy bitch to the point where I can imitate her!”

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