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Simon Skolka

Copyright © 2012 Simon Skolka

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Edie was huddled in the windowed alcove in Humanities Room 12, her knees drawn up to her chin, pale hands clutching the ream of paper that was her latest novel. Her voice was thick with the drawl of her native Alabama, and when she read aloud from her story of dueling Russian aristocrats, she sounded painfully absurd. But even more peculiar was the fact that Edie read by moonlight alone. She'd insisted that Professor Casey turn off the classroom's fluorescent lighting, explaining that the wistful tone of her book would be best conveyed in a darkened space.

Edie had picked chapter twenty-four to read to the class. That's where the heroine discovers that the seemingly benevolent man she has struggled to save from destruction -- the man she loves -- is actually the story's villain. "Anya dropped to the palace floor and wept," Edie read. "Her efforts had proved what a fool she was. Her heart had deluded her."

Jonathan, Edie's boyfriend of three months, sat in the sixth row of Humanities Room 12. He wasn't particularly interested in Edie's story, but more with the manner in which she was telling it. Jonathan marveled at the ease with which Edie read by moonlight. She was comfortable in the dark. Jonathan knew this more than anyone.

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