By Braun McAsh

Copyright 2012

Definitions of words and phrases as understood by the Right Wing.

(Includes reality-based translations)

The writer George Orwell once noted “the great enemy of clear language is insincerity.” We shall define “clarity” further on. As for “insincerity,” an observer of the Right Wing should understand that the genus is very sincere about a great number of things Gaining wealth, influence and power for example. Mostly, they are sincere in their belief that they are Right and the God is a Republican. To this end, they tend to view words and their respective etymologies in light of how they serve The Agenda. Therefore, definitions must not adhere to the anally retentive tradition of being written in stone. The definition of a word, phrase or concept must be capable of being bent to the will of necessity: that necessity being the perpetual dominance of Right Wing thought in political discourse.

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