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Ergo, words can have multiple meanings, often changing from day to day depending on the political exigencies of re-framing an argument or undermining an awkward or embarrassing past truth or indiscretion.

Lewis Carroll’s character Humpty Dumpty once said “When I make a word do a lot of work I always pay it extra.”

By that token, much of the lexicon of the Right Wing should be very rich indeed. Use this small dictionary of words and phrases, if you will excuse the expression, liberally.


A Christian’s Duty” (n): The title of a pamphlet distributed to American soldiers in Iraq with U.S. Army approval by In Touch Ministries, which admonished them to tear out a page that pledges they would pray daily for the Bush Administration and mail it to the White House. The pamphlet includes suggested prayers for each day. “Monday,” for instance, was “Pray that the President and his advisers will be strong and courageous to do what is right regardless of critics.” By a minor oversight there doesn’t appear to be a prayer for the President and his advisers to not extend their tours of duty as they did several times or send them to war without body armour, which they also did. Such pamphlets did much to lift the morale of the average G.I., especially in forward operating bases where toilet paper was often at a premium.

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