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The Dead are Cold: Two Stories of the Exsanguinous

By Melissa A. Szydlek

Copyright 2011 Melissa A. Szydlek

Smashwords Edition

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The Dead are Cold: Two Stories of the Exsanguinous

Story 1: EATINGS

Ex-Sangs are everywhere. That’s we call them, those lifeless yet animated things that refuse to stay in their graves. Doctors called them “The Exsanguinous” while they conducted their research. Research that yielded no answers, by the way. The word zombie never came up as graves collapsed and the dead started to walk, but the world knew they were zombies. Ex-Sangs can be found anywhere; restaurants and bars, grocery stores, and shopping malls, you name it, and I promise you one is there. The problem is that no one knows who the Ex-Sangs are because they’ve blended with the normal population. Some people are scared, but most are sickened by it. I know I am. When you’re dead, you’re dead and your ass better stay in the ground where it belongs. The population worldwide is ballooning everywhere with all of the newborn babies and the newborn dead. I’d hate to be in a major city like Los Angeles, New York, or Tokyo right now, Jesus. I bet no one can move without bumping into something dead in metropolitan areas.

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