Hanging Out

in Paris and Hollywood

The Turbulent Journey of a Filmmaker”

Aslam Ansari

A journey for discovering the “meaning in life sometimes turns into a

meaningless phase” before moving to a new dimension.

Two CIA agents are shot dead outside the CIA headquarters in Langley by a Pakistani man Aimal Kansi. The story had hit the world news headlines. A filmmaker living in Paris sets out to make a film on this story, and aims to expose the truth beyond the news... He goes to Hollywood where the unexpected happens. And soon his life turns upside-down... The quest for idealism - a tale that reflects through the hangouts in Paris & Hollywood ranging from the show-biz deals in international film festivals - to the trials and tribulations of making films independently on controversial political issues.


When you go out next time for a journey, whether by aeroplane or by train, by bus or by car - or just for a walk, take out this book with you. You may return home as someone enriched and powerful. This book will make you smile, it will make you laugh. And if it also makes you sad in some moments, just think these are the different phases of life, which make this life a “living process” out of a “static existence”.

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