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Acclaim for

Sounds of Silence

“For Nan, the messages from Karl have cleared her doubts about the reality of the spirit world, and for many others it has reaffirmed the beauty and love that exists there.”

– Nisha Ghosh, The Times of India, Pune

“Intense and moving, Sounds of Silence is an unusual story of love, life and death.”

– Hemal Ashar, Sunday Mid-Day

“One of the most honest and touching books I have read in my life. I consider it an important publication of the present times, right here in India, which recounts the theory of life after death. It is written so simply and yet from the heart.”

– Meher Castelino, The Sunday Free Press

“Hope is the underlying theme in the book and with complete candour Nan tells of her experiences.”

– Sujata Assomull, The Indian Express

“Ever since Sounds of Silence appeared in 1996, it has led a charmed life. The book received favourable reviews even in the mainstream press. It was quoted, talked about, passed from hand to hand. By now it has acquired the status of a spiritual gem, one that has helped many take their first faltering steps on the path. That Nan and her book have given hope and succour to thousands at the depths of their despair is indubitable.”

– Suma Varughese, Life Positive Magazine

Sounds of Silence is a beautiful, moving record of a mother’s interaction with her young son after he died as a result of an accident. The book is simply written, endearing in its humour and its refusal to preach. It is a story of God-realisation, of Hope, of peace and of strength, meant especially for people disillusioned by life and God as Nan herself once was.”

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