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Smudgie had been put to bed for the night by her family and looked very snug lying in the thick hay of her little wooden hutch. With a nice warm home and a bowl filled with fresh carrots, Smudgie was as happy as any little rabbit could be.

She was chewing away on her carrot supper when there was suddenly a strange noise in the garden nearby. Smudgie stopped chewing and looked suddenly worried. Her rabbit mother always told her to stay in her hutch at night, away from the dangers in the darkness. But this noise was right outside her hutch!

There was another noise; a crunching sound, like little feet walking through crispy leaves. Smudgie nudged the hutch door open with her little pink nose and peered out carefully to see what was making the noise. As she looked down below the hutch, she smiled when she saw a familiar little face. It was Toby, the field mouse, and he was shivering in the cold.

P-p-please can you spare some c-c-carrot for me Smudgie? I n-n-need to take some f-f-food back to my m-m-mouse family.”

Of course, Toby,” smiled Smudgie, who grabbed a carrot with her mouth and hopped down the hutch ramp to the little mouse.

Thank you Smudgie,” squeaked Toby, before he scurried off with it to his home in the frost-covered fields.

Smudgie didn’t like it down on the ground because it was cold and frosty on her little paws so she hopped back up into her warm hutch and settled down to nibble on some more carrots. Just as she started eating again there was another noise in the garden.

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