Glory, Glory Holelujah

Lucian Carter

Copyright 2012

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Life was better since I had moved into the gay village in Toronto. Growing up back in my small town I had been forced to stay in the closet. The few boyfriends I’d had were just as secretive and I’d only had sex a few times with one of them. Once I started at Ryerson and got my bachelor apartment on Church street that all changed. There were whole bars for gay people and, when I told my new friends at school I was gay, they were completely supportive. I started hooking up with guys, or rather letting guys pick me up, soon after. The last guy I was with introduced me to poppers, even generously leaving me a bottle. He also told me about

It was a week later that I finally checked it out. The idea of a whole website devoted to men meeting other men for sex blew my mind. I signed up, choosing the nickname Wonderer. I had no idea if this site would deliver on what it promised, so I started exploring. I figured out quite quickly the site wanted money from its users. Unless I paid for a membership I would be very limited in what I could do. There was a section for erotic tales from members and another that described cruising sites. But it was the live chat I was interested in.

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