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Neveus: Innocence Lost

Part 1 of the Neveus Series

Copyright 2012 by T. A. Acosta

Published at Smashwords.

The dining hall was unusually busy that night. We had an influx of foreign travelers in our town. They dressed strangely, all in sleek black, and bore the oddest of tattoos—golden lines extending from their brows into the depths of their dark hair. I asked my mother who they were, and she told me, in hushed tones, that they were the Highborn.

I kept my eyes to myself more after that, for I had been watching them with intense curiosity since they had arrived. I knew that to bother the Highborn was unwise. I had heard whispers of them in my time, but had never seen them, for they were a very mysterious and secluded elite. They lived in the derelict alien cities scattered across the frozen planet of Neveus. Much of the wealth here belonged to them, as well as the most advanced technology, some of it alien. We were nothing more than filthy “diggers” to the noble Highborn. Our role was to excavate the alien ruins, though we never were allowed to keep any of the more interesting finds, and certainly had no access to the technology. What the Highborn were doing here, in my little town, I could hardly guess. They were too beautiful, clean, and so cultured and well educated. Though I could read and write, many diggers could not, and none of us knew much of the world outside of our village and dig sites.

There was one woman in particular that I couldn’t seem to stop looking at. She was tall, and very narrowly built, with the most piercing pair of blue eyes. They were the weirdest of blues, far too intense, a mark of genetic enhancement. When she met my eyes once, I looked away in fright.

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