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Clown World

Issue 2 : El Barfo

Copyright 2012 by Frank Endert

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 5

New Knuckles City:

The ICLOWN Munitions Building

"Samsam - you fucking idiot, I did it!" El Barfo turned to his assistant with both contempt and joyous satisfaction.

Eyes focused, the White Face supervisor tapped on the console; his stance was vigilant, almost forced, and calm. His Auguste employee, Samsam, tried to stay awake as he took two parts of a Gatling chalkheg rifle and assemble them.

Immersed in a dead faced expression, Samsam looked up from his shuffling of rifle components. His mouth slightly flopped open. Due to the humming of the department's machinery, he missed the insult portion of El Barfo’s statement. Samsam affirmed, "We did it," and transformed his slacked mouth into a lazy grotesque smile.

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