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With the help of Casey’s friend, Joy, an accomplished witch, they summoned two succubi known as the Sisters. The demons gave Casey the information she wanted, for a perverted price—and the force of the magic destroyed Nick’s car in the process. Now, they search for Casey’s employer, a powerful vampire, whose identity is clouded in secrecy. After weeks of dead ends and cold leads, a new tip comes to light.


As I sat, nearly naked, on the edge of the hotel bed, twisting the pendant at my throat with a creeping edge of anxiety, I pondered the fresh laid out costume waiting to clothe me.

Nick leaned down from his seat on a vinyl armchair, pulling his socks off, with a slate-gray cowboy hat balanced precariously on his lap. As the rustle of the chain through my fingers announced my unease, he looked up, meeting my gaze with a confident smile.

He stood and set the hat down with care, as if it were fragile, then crossed the room and leaned over me, gripping my naked thighs. He bit my neck gently and flitted his tongue against the tender hollow of my throat. Half-undressed, he wore new jeans but no shirt, his short black hair was tousled, and his green eyes were on fire.

“Why don’t you tell me about this vampire party?” He whispered against my skin.

“That isn’t the best way to get information.” I smiled, pressing my palms against his hard chest with mock-resistance. “You know we’ll just wind up fucking, and you’ll forget everything.”

Of course, I welcomed his advances but they did little to relieve my fears about the long night ahead. He’d recognized my tension and wanted to soothe it with arousal, but the touch of his lips just left a bittersweet ache. If things go badly, I thought, I’ll never know how we might have evolved.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected much from Nick. He was a hotshot young executive with a cocky attitude and a self-indulgent lifestyle. At least, that was the man I met over a month ago. But underneath the carefully polished exterior, he was drawn to my world: demons, magic, and kinky sex.

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