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How To Succeed As A Female Webcam Model


Melissa Harding

Smashwords Edition

About the author

Melissa Harding has an avid interest in all things pertaining to encouraging other women to take an active role in sex.

So far, she has written nine short sexy novels aimed at the female erotic market as well as this guide for women looking to become successful webcam models.

Melissa writes for Any Subject Books.

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Her philosophy throughout is that being a feminist is not necessarily at variance with being feminine and that the most important thing for a woman is to be true to herself.


This is an adult publication aimed at adult readers. While in itself it is not intended to titillate, the language it uses is, of necessity, ‘colorful’. After all, asking “How’s it going?” and “Are you there yet?” is not going to be particularly encouraging to the clients of a webcam model. Accordingly, readers will find a functional crudity to the choice of words and phrases used.

Since this book is predominantly aimed at women looking to appeal to male clients (although most of the advice is valid for any gender/sexual orientation), the profanities used often relate to female genitalia or the sex act seen from a male point of view.

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