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My life has been in a free fall ever since I can remember. I was not that happy child smiling for every picture taken, or that girl that blossomed from a scrawny gangly tween into a drop dead beauty. Nor was I that college bound young woman with the hopes and dreams of the world strapped firmly on her shoulders. I was just me: Evelyn Renee Barns.

Plain. Invisible. Ugly. Fat.

On the outside, I always seemed happy. Why shouldn’t I be? That was the question my parents always asked when I complained. But I never complained anymore. I’d stopped long before experiencing the evilness of high school, and even before the bullying that started in middle school. At home, my mother’s constant nagging about my weight only made things ten times worse. When birthday and Christmas presents started turning into diet pills, weight loss books and work out videos, I knew that they were embarrassed by me -embarrassed to be seen with me; probably even embarrassed that I was their daughter. By the time I graduated high school I was at the heaviest I’d ever been.

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