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Love Games

Taj checked his phone and then checked the driveway through the front window for the fifth time since Wendy texted him. She’d given him an ultimatum over two weeks ago: either he invite her to his place, or she was dumping him. It had taken him the full two weeks to work himself up to the plan he had in store for the afternoon, but her being late, already had him sweating. The fifteen red rose candles he’d lit throughout the house didn’t help either. It was the middle of summer, and the air conditioner was broken, but he was trying to impress her.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the squeal of brakes just outside the house, throwing open the front door to see her midnight black corvette easing into a space on the curb. Despite the burning heat, he stepped out on the porch to get a better look at her climbing from the car and was glad he did when he caught sight of the sliver of white material between her legs. She was sexy as hell!

Her long platinum blonde hair swung over her shoulder as she bent to retrieve her cell phone from the console, black stilettos clicking on the pavement as she made her way up the driveway her bubble gum pink lips curling into a sexy smile. She was nearly as tall as he was, long slender legs bared by the tiny black sundress she wore. She knew that he loved when she showed them off and he licked his lips when she slowed her stride for a moment, her hips rocking from side to side as she climbed the three necessary steps to meet him.

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