Walking Away from the Past

by Linda Jordan

writing as Annie Cox

Copyright 2012 by Linda Jordan/Annie Cox

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover Photo licensed by Deposit Photos

Photo by Katalinks

Smashwords Edition


~Walking Away from the Past

~About Annie Cox

Walking Away from the Past

Estelle stood motionless inside the Special Effects Tent, while they rigged her black, faux leather catsuit with small explosives. They’d already coated her skin with a layer of sooclea to protect it from burns. The gel came from a plant on some Unity planet and it smelled like stale beer. That, combined with all the chemicals housed in the tent, made her feel slightly nauseated this early in the morning. Bright lights reflected off the white fabric of the tent and the light would have shocked her awake if she hadn’t already been there. She shivered slightly in the chill predawn air and glanced at the clock strapped to the tent support. It was 4:30AM. Fifteen minutes till filming started.

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