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The Reawakening

The Living Dead Series Book 1

Joseph Souza

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.

Copyright 2012 Joseph Souza.

Cover art by Jeroen ten Berge.

To Marleigh, Allie and Danny for their continual love and support.


March 2010

Dr. Douglass Trowbridge’s letter to congressional members

Dear Representatives,

It is with terrible sadness that I give this ominous warning to every member of Congress, but the increased use of genetically modified foods in the last fifteen years has left me with no other choice.

I am afraid for our citizens, as well as all of the citizens of the world. It is with great regret that I say this, but we will be unable to change the course of human events if we don’t act NOW! It may not be too late to stop the worst of what is to come if we work immediately in order to reverse this trend and discontinue the rampant use of genetically modified foods. Only you, the honorable representatives of the American people, hold the power to outlaw this monstrous procedure. If you fail to act now, then I am afraid that this sad attempt to override Mother Nature will cause irreparable harm to the people from every nation on earth.

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