Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

By: Jonathan Antony Strickland


Kraizone Earth

Mortolo England

Hotying Joeh Tremwell

The School Nodimet Rekolap Tremwell Comprehensive

DL24 5567 75436 45633 DL24 8963

Tel: (03855647) 74757478 85757 8484857 Tel: (1254) 385729

16th October 2364

Greetings Headmaster Mr.Francis:

We here on Mortolo welcomed your offspring as we hope you have welcomed ours. It has been four weeks since our races first discovered one another, and with this exercise where we take one of your students and you one of our own in an exchange for intergalactic peace, that we hope to learn so much about each other.

Your student arrived early last week, he introduced himself to me and I told him my name was Mr.Kolmortis, headmaster of "Hotying Joeh". The one named Peter took hold of one of my tentacles and shook it saying this was an earth greeting. I have learnt since that two humans take each other's hands and shake them up and down in an old ritual of greeting, this at the time I did not know until Peter had told me of this. Also may I point out to the human race that this was not my hand, that would be my left tentacle, the one he shook was the tentacle I use for making young ones with a female of my species (still as you humans like to say……no harm done).

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