The truck fishtailed. The Volvo's driver instinctively swerved and slammed on the breaks. The Volvo hydroplaned into a spin, a spin too wide for the narrow bit of road it was on. The car headed straight toward Micah. Micah ran and jumped, trying to get out of the way of the car as it slammed into the railing. Micah heard a sharp screech of metal and saw a flash of sparks as he slammed into the ground.

His hands scraped over gravel as he pushed himself off the ground. He was unhurt, but given what he was, that wasn't much of a surprise. He stood up and turned. There was the car, hanging precariously off the edge of the cliff. The railing was a tangled mess of metal. A sharp creak sounded in the air and then part of the railing fell off the side in a horrific foreshadowing of what awaited the passengers in the Volvo.

Micah ran to the car as he scrambled for his phone to call 911, but he couldn't find it. As he got closer to the car he could see a woman moving in the passenger's seat. Her dark blond hair was stained with blood. She blinked her eyes open. Even in the rain he could see how impossibly blue they were. Suddenly something shoved past him and he could see a boy running past him.

"Mom! Dad!"

Micah blinked in confusion. Where had the boy come from? Micah looked around. There was no one, not even the truck, just him, the boy and car. Even now the Volvo groaned.

The woman blinked and she turned her head. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Henri!"

The car gave another groan and started to tilt over.

"No, Mom!" The boy was almost there and Micah knew he would be too late.

Micah rushed over and grabbed the boy, dragging him back.

He struggled against Micah. "No! Let me go! Mom!"

Micah pulled him back and as he did he caught one last glance of the woman. She looked at the boy and smiled. Her lips moved, but whatever she said was lost in the rain as the car gave one more groan and tipped over the cliff. One minute it was there and the next it was gone, and there was nothing Micah could do.

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