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The Icebox Meets the Stallion


Cindy May

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Cindy May

Redheaded Cathy Groves was called the Hotbox at school, whilst her twin sister Babs was the Icebox. Happily married to Rod, Babs hopes for a baby. Mummy’s sexy antics put her in the grip of a blackmailer. Soon the Icebox is a bigger slut than her sister. Can the Icebox escape the trap? Incest, blackmail, prostitution, Lezzie fun, gangbangs, striptease, romance, horse, doggie and donkey sex. Adult


Babs sat on the floor with her legs bent, her knees drawn up to her body, and her feet close together and touching the ground. The punter was indifferent as it was a mundane pose for a stripper. She took each of her big toes between her index fingers and thumbs, and eased back so she was sitting on her coccyx or tailbone, rather than her bum cheeks.

This angled her crotch upwards away from the floor, but as she did so, she used her arms to raise both feet from the floor, spreading her legs and straightening them out so that her feet were on the same level as her shoulders. Her legs were parted in an erotic V, the point of which was her crotch, whilst her arms and legs also created suggesting Vs, emphasising the sexuality.

Babs had done a certain amount of Yoga. Even when wearing sports clothing, she had always thought the Urdhva Upavista Konasana or Open-Legs Seated Balance Pose as it was known in Yoga, was incredibly sexy. Naked, as she now was, everything was on show in the most sensuous way imaginable.

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