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Mister Danger is my Name

José Rodríguez

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 José Rodríguez

The sea breeze blows hot and stiff thorough Manuel's bar. The bar's impudent openness lures passersby who can stroll in from the street without really leaving the sidewalk. Cold beers sit on every table, and Manuel's patrons don't mind the breeze. On the loudest table four men play dominoes, drinking and taking pleasure in slamming their pieces against the tabletop when it's their turn to lay a piece down.

"Here you have it!" Doctor Melquiades shouts in Spanish and slams the double six on the table. "Time to get rid of this piece of shit!"

His partner, Mr. Danger, the town's Gringo-in-residence, boisterously laughs and speaks in a messed up Spanish, "Dammed it, Doc; I has been putting six down but them bastard," he points to Chacón, the ambulance driver, "He been blocking all one of them!"

Chacón laughs, takes a good gulp of beer and belches, "I knew Doc had that double six!" He smirks, his little dark eyes shining under the surface of his thick glasses. Chacón's partner is Mario El Italiano; he slams a five-six piece down, "God damned, Chacón! I have been trying to unload this frigging piece, and you kept on blocking me!"

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