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At the moment we invite Jesus to come into our heart, accepting Him and all He has done for us, the Holy Spirit imports eternal life to our dead spirit, causing us to be "born again," born of the Spirit. This is how we draw close to God and draw others to His saving grace in Jesus Christ. Through this act God transforms our lives, which will last forever and bring us to the beauty of heaven.

How is this done? There are answers to these How questions and they can be found in the Bible. But they are not the answers most people would like to hear. How will help you answer these questions and to find the strength to face each day with hope and courage. Through a life of Faith, Jesus lives in us and we live in him. The goodness of God has the cross planted in the middle of it.

Table of Contents

  • How to Die to Live?

  • How to Do Unto Others?

  • How to Come Clean?

  • How to Overcome Hate with Love?

  • How to be Thankful?

  • How to do your part in the Great Commission?

  • How to Understand a Teachable Moment?

  • How Long Must We Wait For Justice?

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