Ha, how they scoffed at me at University, called me an over-imaginative ninny-hammer and textbook dreamer, those fools….but now…now you, my machine, will make them all green with envy”.

Names such as Newton, Einstein and Babbage flashed through his mind as his dream of standing shoulder to shoulder with such greats would soon be his reward to enjoy and savor. And in truth he was right. For the machine that he'd made was indeed going to be the greatest most revolutionary invention known throughout time. For he had created a time machine.

He had done all the calculations, built the machine by hand, and now it was ready for it’s first test. Not that it needed a test, he’d always been confident in his own brilliance and had checked over every minute detail. He had set it so that when he entered into the time chamber he would travel back a mere ten seconds (a short quick test would not hurt for its trial run) into the past. All he had to do now was press the button to start the process.

With an adrenalin fuelled thrust he reached out quickly stabbing the start button downwards with a shaking finger making the wonderful machine burst into life. He then rushed over to stand inside the glowing chamber. It took but a short time (around ten seconds) and as tears of happiness ran down his face he looked out of the glass chamber to the control panel that but moments before he’d been stood by, when suddenly a man appeared at them. The man (who of course he recognized) was looking down at the panel with an over-excited gleam in his eye as he made ready to press the button that would start the machine.

In that split second he realized his mistake, but before he could shout out “STOP!”, the light grew bright and he vanished, ten seconds into the past……

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