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“Yes dear, I put their card in with the other two hundred or so acceptances.” Brooke rummaged through the acceptance file until she found the Mayors card. A broad smile of gratitude graced her face as she read the verse on the card. It is with great pleasure and delight that we accept this warm invitation to your upcoming marriage. Mayor and Mrs Crowley. The smile on Brooke’s face softened as she placed the card back into the file, the Mayor and his wife were such beautiful people and she had always thought so. She believed it was an honour that they were taking time out of their hectic schedules to attend her big day, and she appreciated it.

Ever since she was old enough to walk and steal her Mother’s best frangipani’s from her garden, Brooke had dreamed about her wedding day and would spend hours rehearsing the slow steps down the aisle, the vows, the exchanging of the rings and of course, the final lingering kiss of the blissfully wedded couple. That was nothing compared to the days she would just while away, dreaming up her wedding dress, it had to have the perfect cut, the exact sheen and naturally it had to be the designer gown to surpass even the best of any New York or Paris runway!

Her Groom, quite naturally, would be the most dashing and handsome man in the entire town. After all, what good would the perfect wedding be without having the man every woman adores and dreams of? Brooke had always thought that no wedding was complete without the townsfolk, the women in particular, drooling over her husband to be and gossiping about how lucky she was to snare the catch of the decade! The very idea of it sent a tingle of excitement down her spine.

Oh yes, her wedding was mapped out right down to the finest of details, long before any such proposal had even arrived. That was simply a mere technicality, it had never even dared cross her mind that one may never come, that was inconceivable, and to Brooke it would equal a fate worse than death! All girls get married, it is just the way things go and Brooke was no different to any other girl in that respect. Although she felt she was a more likely candidate than most, to be offered a proposal, maybe even numerous proposals, at an early age. Not that she thought she was better than anyone else, she just felt that she was born to be married, it was her destiny. She was quite simply, a Bride waiting to happen.

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