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They’re bright green in color with smiles broad and grand.
They’re beings who are always there, holding your hand.

They live deep inside of us, inside our hearts,
and guide us through life, each and every part.


In this story, the part of Jocomo is played by...
you guessed it, a BOOGLE.


It’s a boy,” they all cheered. “It’s a Boy. It’s a BOY,”
as the villagers gathered, applauding with joy.
The King and the Queen, no longer alone,
delivered to all an heir to their throne.

Although for most, fun and merriment reigned,
the King wore a look most decidedly pained.
“AWAY!” the King cried, his head in his hand.
“Just take him away, far away from this land!”

“Oh my Lord,” the nurse wept.
“But WHY?,” the Queen cried.
The King paced to and fro,
and sadly replied,

“How could a person, as such, ever rule.
The expression he wears makes him look like a FOOL!”


The nurse and the maids gathered ‘round the young prince.
As they opened his blanket, each one hid a wince.
His green skin, so luminous, made him look queer,
and his mouth formed a grin fully spanning each ear.

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