by David Michael

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by David Michael.

Published by Four Crows Landing.


by David Michael


Udo reached down and pulled open the flaps of the box on the floor beside his chair, exposing the faces of children. Shy smiles and bored looks and gaptooth grins and oh-so-serious pouts shone out at him from yellowing Polaroids and fading inkjet prints. Udo closed his eyes, touched his left hand to his heart, and took a deep breath. He let the breath out slow and took another.

Through the thin, metal walls of the antique Bowlus Road Chief trailer, he could hear the other carnies and ride operators and fair officials calling out to each other in the already-warm, pre-dawn gray, getting ready for the day. He felt the trailer shift as Johan leaned against the only door, keeping guard while Udo performed his morning ritual.

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