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Kneeling in front of the big stone hearth, Chance had a roaring blaze going in minutes.

Kate walked over as he came to his feet. “It’s obvious you’ve had a lot of practice at this.” For a moment, they stood there staring at the flames, then Kate felt his eyes on her and slowly turned to face him.

“I’ve had a lot of practice at a lot of things,” he said softly, roughly. Something shifted in his features, turning turbulent and hot. The kiss he claimed wasn’t the soft, gentle, tender kiss she expected. It was a fierce, taking kiss that left her breathless and yearning, a wild, reckless kiss that made her legs begin to quiver and her heart beat like a drum. His mouth moved over hers as if this moment was more important than drawing his next breath, and suddenly she found herself feeling the same insane sensation.

She kissed him back with a recklessness foreign to her until now, her nails digging into his shoulders, her breasts aching, her nipples swelling. They strained toward the front of his denim shirt, rubbing, moving, the friction exquisite, drawing a moan from her throat.

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