JAY-Z: Re-Versed

Luke Force

Copyright 2012 by Luke Force

Smashwords Edition


Keep in mind that you did not come across this book by mistake or by chance. This was meant to be. “God doesn’t play dice in the universe “as Albert Einstein shared time and time again. All things happen for a reason and all challenges can be used to our benefit, but if we dare. My sole purpose for writing this book is to motivate and enlighten as many readers as possible. I attempted to write this book 4-5 times in the past and it didn’t come to fruition. My original versions of this book had been lost, stolen, or destroyed. In any event, there isn’t one thing that happens before it’s time. You will gain quite a few inside tips when you read this book in its entirety; the secrets embedded within these pages will strengthen your walk to success to the 3rd power. You will not lose. Remember we cannot fail if we never give up.

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