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By Steve High


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Baker Dreams

Copyright © 2012 by Steve High

I would like to dedicate this book to cancer patients of the past and present who show us how to have great courage and strength through desperate times.


He could still see Dad’s face, like a waxed, wigged replica of itself. The open lid above it was heavily padded, as if insulated to keep heat in. But there was no heat there. They closed the lid. Darkness from Dad’s shoulders down swept up and flooded over his head.

The thirteen year-old boy closed his eyes. Maybe to keep the tears in, maybe because Dad’s were closed. He thought about ghosts and wondered if Dad could be one and wished he would.

The past six months of Dad’s fight with cancer had been an unbelievable nightmare. Mom’s sobbing, the drive to the graveyard, and the lowering of the coffin into the ground were all part of the awful dream.

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