Millionaire Playpen

By Laura Simms

For Dionne Howells

Millionaire Playpen

Laura Simms

Copyright 2012 Laura Simms

Smashwords Edition

Millionaire’s Playpen

Chapter 1 School Bully

James Foxglove sat on the kerb, round the back of the school gym, wiping blood from his mouth with the sleeve of his school shirt. He examined the scuff marks on his brand new school bag. He still hadn't told his mother how his old one had ended up slashed last week. If he said anything his father would scoff.

His father had gone to Eton. But the fact still remained that no matter what school you went to, privileged or otherwise, children got bullied. Schools turned a blind eye, denied they had a problem. "Your child came home with a split lip yesterday? He must have walked into the wall on his way home, we simply don't have a bullying problem at this school sir"

It wasn't right, but that was the way it was. So James explained away his bruises as "little accidents." He examined the latest set with a resigned sigh. Many of them had been yellowing and he'd naively hoped as today was the last day of school before the holidays, he'd be left alone. But Bartholomew Randall (Bart), Benedict (Ben, Benny) Booth, Harry Hobbins and Felix Upton had had other ideas.

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