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The Astounding Adventures of Gregori Rasputin,

Rascal-at-large, Solver of Obscure Problems and Ladies' Man


Mordechai Lazarus

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 M. Lazarus

Absent-mindedly handing over a note that was far too large for the fare, Sara carefully stepped out of her taxi-cab into the impersonal night rain. Her face was a fragile representation of deep anxiety. She combed streaks of drizzle from her black hair with her fingers and delved into the depths of a navy-blue coat, eventually emerging with a crumpled scrap of writing-paper. She held it up and squinted at the sliding ink of a precisely hand-printed address, while the paper proceeded to become increasingly sodden. Sara stood for several more moments, frozen in the drumming cold downpour, her knuckles growing paler still as she clutched at the stained and vanishing address.

Taking a deep breath of the cutting air, she walked directly towards an unremarkable brown door set at the end of the alleyway. Above the door, a rusted sign promoted the health benefits of 'Marvel's Famous Tonic'.

Without breaking her stride, Sara pushed the door open.

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