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A Fix for America


Don L Clark, 2009

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If you think the USA is a better nation today than it was in the 1950s do not bother to read on. But if, on the other hand, you are disturbed about the current state of our government and society, about how we are governed, work, play and lead others, then continue. For I shall elaborate on what I believe is wrong with us today and then chapter by chapter suggest how we, the citizens of the USA, could fix those problems and return to the course set by Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt (FDR), Johnson and other great leaders who rose from our ranks and by their actions and ideas improved both this country and the world.

But first a bit about me, about my background and how I came to the viewpoints I hold today. I like to think of myself as a rather average American blessed by the opportunity to have seen much of the rest of the world and to have worked close to the decision making center of this land. I served more than twenty years in the US Air Force with the last several years of that challenging experience spent in the halls of the Pentagon where I frequently worked within the National Security Council apparatus dealing with strategic international issues.

I’m also somewhat of a political junkie who taught college level students about how this nation actually makes (in contrast to the theory) its domestic and international decisions. Additionally, for a couple of years I wrote a weekly newspaper column (Hither & Yon, which was occasionally excerpted by Voice of America) focusing on our national and international actions, both the successes and failures.

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