What Reviewers Are Saying About Pat Mestern Novels:

Pat Mestern should be considered a national treasure. Her descriptive writing style gives a wonderful glimpse into past lives and times that are quickly being forgotten.” --Fergus Elora News Express

In conversation with Pat, one senses that no reading of her works of fiction can take us into the deep, compulsive level of creativity that this novelist experiences and accepts as another strata of her life--a plateau as mysterious as some of the characters in her novels. And this deep level of creativity is what makes Pat’s novels so compelling. They come from the heart and soul of the writer.” --Ryan Taylor, Book Reviewer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pat Mestern's fictional works are among the most rewarding and most pleasing published today. Her historical novels conjure up a time long gone and characters long dead. They never fail to embrace the sorts of scandals, dreams and secrets that can haunt nearly every family in every walk of life for many tomorrows.” --J. Marshall Craig, screen writer and film director

Rachael’s Legacy

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