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Sir Frain Bedortha has long since admired and coveted Castle Tredegar, and it is now within his grasp. But to his fury, he is prevented from taking it by an ancient document signed by Arthur Pendragon. Unwilling to take the castle by force and risk all-out war, Frain decides to wait on word from his liege lord, the King of Wessex.

However, he demands a hostage. What he gets is Brannagh Penlion chatelaine of Castle Tredegar and mistress of its lord. At first furious and resentful, Frain soon discovers there is more to this woman than a mere servant. As his suspicions grow, so does his desire for this haughty, seemingly cold woman and he soon finds himself drawn to her in a way he has never been to any woman.

Brannagh Penlion has risked a lot to prevent Frain Bedortha from taking possession of Castle Tredegar, her freedom, even her life. Taken as hostage for the good behaviour of her people she expects discomfort, hardship and resentment from Sir Frain and his army. What she does not expect is to feel an attraction to her captor. However, Brannagh is not all she seems and if Frain should discover her secret, more than her heart will be at stake.

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