Chapter 7: “Breastfeeding Duration and Mother-to-Mother Support” by Nancy Mohrbacher and Sharon Knorr

Chapter 8: “Midwives: Guardians of Nature’s Design” by Kimberly Durdin

Chapter 9: “Reclaiming the Art of Breastfeeding” by Indira Lopez Bassols

Chapter 10: “Supporting Mothers in Long-term Breastfeeding” by Janell E. Robisch

Chapter 11: “Breastfeeding Milla” by Angela Worthington

Chapter 12: “Breastfeeding and Newborn Survival” by Amanda Penwell

Chapter 13: “The Four Pillars of Safe Breast Milk Sharing” by Shell Walker and Maria Armstrong

Chapter 14: “A Mom’s Breastfeeding Adventure” by Alicia Kaye

Chapter 15: “My Nursing Journey” by Janelle Rice



The Role of the Shy Hormone in Breastfeeding

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