All Characters are 18 and ove

Chapter One

I sat at my desk trying to focus on the book in front of me, but it was a losing battle. Rime of The Ancient Mariner may be an all time classic, but it was nowhere near as interesting as Miss Ross’s amazing ass. Friday’s were dress down days for the teachers and I lived for them. Usually on these afternoons I was treated to the sight of my favorite teacher’s fine ass in a pair of fairly tight jeans.

Last week those jeans were accompanied by a pair of black boots the heels of which had to be four inches. They were fuck me boots if I’d ever seen a pair and I’d be more than willing to oblige them! As good as that look had been last week, today’s ensemble was nothing short of unfair!

The fuck me boots had been replaced by black heeled sandals accompanied by a short black skirt that could really only be referred to as a mini. Miss Ross’s skirt fell well short of her knees and as she’d stood in front of the class writing on the board the sight of the backs of her creamy thighs had me hard as a rock.

The biggest turn on of all for me was that she knew it! When she was writing on the board she’d made it a point to reach up several times to make notes above her original sentences. Each time she did her skirt raised even higher.

There was no way Miss Ross wasn’t aware of the effect a hot cougar like herself had on a room full of eighteen year old guys. She’d never wore anything this racy before, but more often than not her blouses showed a decent amount of cleavage and her skirts were tight enough to show off her well rounded ass.

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