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Copyright Rosario Satana 2012 at Smashwords

Edited by Krista Strickland

This is an erotic short story featuring sexual acts between a father with daughter, a mother with daughter, and a young woman with a dog. All characters depicted are over the age of eighteen. You must be of legal age in your area to continue reading this story. Bestiality is not legal in all areas. Check your local and federal laws to determine its legality in your area before purchasing this story. This is a work of fiction. Any situations or circumstances in this story that contain likeness to real events are completely coincidental.

The Brouton Family Gets A Dog

Rosario Satana

Sunshine Brouton's mama and daddy were fighting again. The fights have always happened, ever since Sunshine could remember. Her parents would yell and scream in each other's faces until her daddy, Mr. Brouton, would shove his wife down to the bed and rip open her dress before taking her forcefully. Sunshine thought for the longest time that they were wrestling, but now she knows better – now that they have shown her firsthand how to fuck.

This time wasn't any different. It was late at night but Sunshine, still awake, lay in bed and waited for the screaming to die down. It was like thunderstorms for her– she just had to wait it out until it's all clear and calm again.

Once she heard the tell-tale moans and muffled cries, she got out of bed and tip-toed across the hall to her parents' bedroom. The door was ajar and she peeked inside to see Mr. Brouton's strong arms holding down Mrs. Brouton on the disarrayed sheets of their bed. In the dim light she could barely make out the outline of his huge cock – the cock she grew to love and worship – thrusting into Mrs. Brouton, slamming so hard that the bed creaked and they both grunted in animalistic pleasure.

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