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Preemptive Strike: What Will (Not) Be Done

Preemptive Strike: The Past Revisited - Ten Years Ago

Preemptive Strike: Home Defense

Preemptive Strike: Return to History

Preemptive Strike: At the Cabin

Preemptive Strike: What Happened to Ghasb Jamīl Tabī’a ad-Dimā

Preemptive Strike: Back to the Present - Back Home

Preemptive Strike: Epilogue

Preemptive Strike: Translations


Necessary Means


The shout shattered the previous calm of the darkened yard which had its illumination from one bay window, a lamp post, and the glow of the cloudless evening sky. In a remote neighborhood, towering toward the moon hovering at the horizon was the silhouette of a mansion. The shout echoed off the blackened exterior brick walls and resonated back into the courtyard; some of the sound crept into an open door making it to the ears of the man who was preparing the last suitcases for a planned vacation.

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