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Everyone has a story. It’s true. Some are sad stories of hardship and tragedy, while others are full of laughter and joy. I’ve been transfixed by tales of travel to the farthest reaches of the globe, or daring adventures of skydiving, bungee jumps and scuba diving (nothing, by the way I would EVER try- these people are nuts. Who jumps out of a perfectly good airplane?)

I’ve read about mammoth acts kindness and courage that renew my faith in mankind, and been bored senseless by a neighbor who has chosen me as the sounding board for their inane anecdotes.

So you see- good, bad or boring- everyone has a story.

Mindy’s musings is a collection of my real life experiences stemming from every day encounters with family, friends and colleagues. These seemingly mundane events are anything but. You’ll meet Mom, a leading competitor and favorite in the Jewish Mother Olympics. Her best friends, Food and Worry, make frequent appearances, as do a host of characters who will make you scratch your head, laugh or really feel good about your own situation.

As you thumb through the pages of what I refer to as my “escapades through the extraordinarily ordinary”, you’ll learn how I to use humor to combat fear, anxiety and a myriad of other challenges. Lessons of how to handle Mom’s false arrest at TJ MAXX and coping with party disasters will be bestowed upon you. Finally, this digest of the daily dilemmas that result from both voluntary and involuntary human interaction is chalk full of priceless nuggets that are sure to remind you of someone you know- maybe even yourself!

My hope in sharing my stories is to bring a little laughter to a lot of people. For my family, humor is the ultimate medicine for any ailment- physical or emotional- and is just plain good for you. It’s gotten us through hard times; let us take ourselves less seriously and certainly added years and quality to our lives.

So sit back, curl up with a nice cup of coffee or some xanax, and read on!

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