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A. Curious, indeed, how they seemingly randomly include the first letter of our beautiful alphabet in this strange phrase! From the looks of it, Once the man sits on letters, particularly the letter ‘a’. Is it considerable as an unhealthy tendency to have an obsession with sitting upon letters of the English alphabet prior to the telling of a tale? I think that Sir Once has some problems! He is strange, indeed. Or perhaps you again like to favor the possibility of the adverb ‘once’ taking physical form and suffering from the same unhealthy tendencies as Mr. Once? Perhaps all adverbs that take physical form enjoy sitting upon letters, specifically the first letter of our dear alphabet? But wouldn’t the letter ‘A’ be uncomfortable to sit on in the first case? The point on a capital ‘A’ is likely to be most uncomfortable to sit upon. Hm. Curious, indeed it is.

Time. Ah, so we are getting a bit more specific now! Mr. Once does not sit on letters at all! The ‘a’ was just grammatically setting the stage for the word ‘time!’ So, Once sits upon times. Is it a specific time? Maybe just a vague hour, like two o’clock? Or something extremely specific? 2:16 p.m., for example. That brings up another question! Does this man who is called Once sit on a time in the morning or afternoon and evening time? A.M. or P.M.? Or on a completely different note, perhaps this Once has given the essence of time physical form and sits upon it? Or this could all be a silly metaphor, and Once sits upon a clock to simply symbolize time? Maybe ‘once’ the physical adverb does the same?

What a strange phrase, indeed! I have spent an outrageous amount of time debating four simple words, and I’m still uncertain! I suppose that the true meaning of this mysterious little phrase shall remain, well, a mystery! 

Story Four: Me vs. A Dragon: Once upon a time, there was a girl named S. Miles. Wait, why? Why am I in a story I’m writing? I don’t get it. Anyways, I suppose I have no choice but to move on. This woman was a princess. (So far, I like this story!) Unfortunately, a vicious dragon came into town. Equally unfortunately, Princess Miles was appointed to slay this deadly, evil… fire-breathing… um, myself? There’s a small problem. I’m going to end up dying due to my own writing. Oh dear. This is not good at all! But I have to keep writing what I think of! Whatever I come up with, I will write. But…! No butts or gluteus maximi of any kind! Now shut up and listen, myself. And, um, write. You can do that, too.

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