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The Beautiful People's Society

By Edward J. Yaeger, Jr.

Copyright 2012 by Edward J. Yaeger, Jr.

Smashwords Edition

Despen waited months for her invitation. It came in an envelope that reeked of a teen perfume marketed in the made-up name of a pubescent pop singer. The envelope was dropped in her locker, and on it read, “For Despen!” in cursive, with a large heart serving as the dot in the exclamation point. When she opened her locker and saw the envelope resting atop the clutter, she immediately became weak in the knees. Her friend, Liza, nearly had to catch her and prop her back up. Liza also knew the significance of the envelope, her own curiosity (and envy) wringing her stomach like a dishrag. Despen's life at New High School was about to radically change.

That Friday after school Liza helped Despen prepare for the occasion – Despen's formal initiation into the exalted 'Beautiful People's Society.' Of course, no one in the all-girl group would either call it that or deign to acknowledge such a thing even existed. But everyone else at New High was quite aware that it did. They were equally aware of the group's prowess. It was like a not-so-secret society of the unattainably, almost inhumanly gorgeous.

“Do you think I'm underdressed?" Despen quivered.

"No, you look beauti-." Liza caught herself, noting the absurdity of what she was doing – helping her friend join a clique of girls who based all value and all judgment on sheer looks.

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