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For our friends

Jason and Lacey, Cedar and Russ

For being a part of so many stories with us.


Some readers may recognize a few of these stories. Mail Call, Vicaria, and The Bone Lantern originally appeared in our first short story anthology, In Odder Words. It’s been out of print for about a year. We put it together early in our career and we never felt it was quite up to snuff. So we removed it from circulation, but there were some stories in there that we loved. They’re back – edited and updated – for Fireflies. We hope you enjoy them.

Another story worth a brief note is The Restless and the Wicked. It is the first episode of our short story serial, The Dead Beat. The Restless and the Wicked stands alone, but if you want to read more about Sam and Arphallo, there are three volumes of their adventures available.

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