Riding Red

Maria Garcia

(Angry Women Series: An Erotic Short)

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

(Warning: Sexually Explicit Material)

It should have been a bright day when Red began her journey parking her beat up truck at the road’s end, throwing her rucksack over her back and on foot taking the long winding road through the forest that led to her grandmother’s cottage. Red tried to push the nerves that washed over her to one side but it was impossible. Seven days and not a word; there was surely something wrong, this was not like her grandmother who called on the dot each evening at 8 o’clock to say hello and see how her granddaughter’s day had been … but for the last few days there had been only silence and when Red had called there had been nothing but a dull ring tone then the loud angry roar of white nose at the other end of the phone.

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