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In His Dream He Plummets

by Wess Foreman

Smashwords edition

copyright 2012 Wess Foreman


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In his dream he plummets through the thin crust of reality to find another reality. A world turned upside down and dissolving rapidly from within. A world in chaos. A world on the brink of destruction.

He runs through bleak riotous streets—mobs of men forming up in packs among the rubble using whatever they find as weapons like so many villagers with shovels and pitchforks and bricks because in his dream the world is drowning in its own destruction. All around them the ground is ripped open forming great fissures and chasms in the earth's crust where toxic fumes spew forth and volcanic ooze threatens to erupt and blot out the sun and choke the very atmosphere with it. And powerless the people cry out in fear and not knowing what else to do they rage in anger against each other in the streets and fling their bodies into the fires like so many loose bundles of kindle-wood.

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