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Aren’t you going to open it?” Kevin encouraged. He knew first-hand what a dreamer his little girl was. He wasn’t, however, disturbed in the least when one of her dreams would steal a conversation. He smiled when his daughter gazed up at him, confused. “The box,” he reminded her, chuckling. “My birthday present for you,”

Emily nodded and also grinned. She was daydreaming again. She untied the bow on the box and slowly opened the lid. What she saw made her gasp.

Papa! It’s too much, really it is. How can I wear such a magnificent thing?” She asked, thoroughly awed by the necklace in the box. The genuine silver chain was embellished with an extravagant locket. It, too, was made of silver. She read the words on the front and smiled. My Emma was engraved into the silver. Emily smiled as she recalled being told the story of how she was named. Her mother wanted to name her Amelia, but her father liked Emma. In the end, they chose Emily, as it somewhat fit both names. Over the years, however, Kevin had taken to calling her Emma. She didn’t mind, though; in fact she thought it fit perfectly.

Emily picked up the locket and opened it. On the left side was her father’s name. Emily smiled.

Would you?” She asked, gesturing to the necklace. Kevin took it and closed the clasp around Emily’s neck. Looking at her father, Emily promised, “I shall cherish it every day. Thank you so much, Papa.”

I left the other side blank because someday I want you to put the name of the man you love inside of it. Not the man you marry, but the man you love,” Kevin explained.

I’ll marry the man that I love, won’t I?” Emily asked, confused.

Kevin was thankful that he didn’t get a chance to answer his daughter’s question, for just then, Grace appeared.

Emily, darling, do come inside. Some of your guests are preparing to leave, and you’ve yet to open any gifts,” Grace called. She knew that Kevin wanted a few minutes alone with his daughter, to give her the locket he made. It would be the last gift she received from him for a long while. Grace sighed, thinking about the direction her daughter’s life was about to take. She turned to enter the house, Emily following close behind, ready to say farewell to her guests.

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