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Dressed to Thrill How to Be Lady Gaga:
Costumes, Attitude, Makeup & Resources


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Alejandro

Cover photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Author’s note: Before you begin, you may want to go to Chapter 15 for the password to your private online resource page in case you want to check for resources as you read.

For Those Who Dare!

Awesome Lady Gaga

She’s outrageous!

She’s magnetic, awe inspiring. She rivets you to her flawless, “out of the box” performances. She knows what she wants and works like hell to get it. She’s not afraid of pushing the fashion, or socially acceptable, envelope. In fact, she revels in it.

She loves attention-getting, show-stopping, over-the-top “bizarre.” She has a bracelet that says “I’m a free bitch!” And she means it…backs it up with everything she says, does, performs, and wears.

She’s been listed in Forbes Magazine as fourth in the 100 Most Powerful and Influential Celebrities in the world and rated second most powerful musician in the world. She’s The Queen of Pop, a Glam Rock icon… She’s Lady Gaga!

Chapter 1.
Lady Gaga – Free to Be!

If you want to be Lady Gaga:

Feel and act free! Lady Gaga is an Aries. She can’t help but be free. Loosen up. The lyrics in “I did it my way” describe her to a tee. Get into her mind set!

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