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Mr. Obama, this book is dedicated to you.

You have instilled in me the spirit to fight for what I believe in, to work hard and to continually seek the truth.

Author’s Note

I want to thank you for purchasing, and presumably reading, my book, Mr. Obama Hates America.

Everyone will benefit from each purchase of Mr. Obama Hates America. Whether you’re a liberal, a conservative or somewhere in between, you will reap the benefits of my hard work. Let me explain:

If you’re a liberal, and you buy my book, you will benefit in the following ways:

First, each book I sell increases my royalties. Higher royalties means a higher income. And a higher income means a higher tax liability. When I sell more books, I make more money and then the government can take more of this money and spread the wealth around (I write this with a hint of sarcasm). But, in all seriousness, this should make any liberal screech with excitement. After this book becomes a bestseller, and I’m quite certain it will, my mailbox will be overflowing with thank you letters expressing overwhelming gratitude.

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