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Trick or Pee

Sofia Bane

Copyright October 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

My first date with Naomi was shaping up to be the best I’d ever been on. It was not-quite-blind; we had mutual friends who thought we needed to be together, and as it turned out they were right. We’d gone out to coffee and dinner in town, and neither of us really wanted to end it, so Naomi made this suggestion:

Charlotte,” she said, grabbing my arm flirtatiously as we walked through downtown, “have you ever been to a haunted house before?”

The weather was beginning to get brisk, and nights came earlier – a haunted house would be perfect. “I haven’t,” I admitted. “You want to recommend one?”

Naomi nodded with vigor, sending her long dark braids bouncing. “I know one twenty minutes from here, let’s go.” She led us back to her car, and I was thrilled with the extension of our date, later and later into the night….

Only one stupid hindrance, to my having the perfect night. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom after coffee or dinner. I was shy, or I hadn’t wanted to interrupt our conversation, or the timing was bad. And now we were off to do something else, and I would have to sprint to the bathroom as soon as we got there. Still, I was so happy with Naomi that I thought nothing of it as we drove to the haunted house.

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