We are not alone, and we’re about to meet our neighbors

After more than a hundred years of space travel, a stray radio signal indicates the possibility that alien life might exist.

The crew of the Désirée has no training in interstellar diplomacy and a minor dispute turns to disaster that could escalate into a full scale war.

Can the bond formed between two very different friends be strong enough to bridge their differences and save their people?

Come along in this first book in the StarBridge Series in an exciting journey across the stars in a desperate gamble to save both their worlds.


Praise for the StarBridge Series

“This is the type of rousing adventure story which Heinlein made so popular a generation ago…Excellent!” — Andre Norton

“An interesting supporting cast of aliens and a strong theme of understanding and acceptance among races” — Booklist

“A great success…An adventure novel with some thought in it!” — Vonda N. McIntyre

“Crispin’s aliens are a diverse and fascinating lot…She’ll be the leading candidate for the title of the ‘the Norton of the 1990s!’” — Dragon Magazine

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